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How to Protect your Motorcycle from Theft

The best way of avoiding traffic jams is by riding a motorcycle. It is also the answer to fuel economy problems since motorcycles use less fuel than trucks, cars or vans. Besides, you do not have to fall in line to wait for the bus. They are like a compact vehicle. You can park motorcycles almost anywhere.

These two-wheeled beauties are however vulnerable to theft. Because they are small, thieves choose to steal them instead of cars. The rate of motorcycle theft, in fact, is increasing every year. The fact that it has not happened to you does not imply that it will never happen. Protect your motorcycle from theft by taking these precautionary measures to avoid such devastating events from happening. The following are some of the ways to protect motorcycles from being stolen. Although they will not guarantee a hundred percent theft-free motorcycle, they will reduce the risk of the bike being stolen.

Steering Locks

motorcycle steering lockThe first defense against theft motorcycle is the bike’s steering locks. The steering locks prevent maneuvering your bike effortlessly and discourage thieves from robbing the motorcycle. It is wise to separate locks for the steering locks and ignition locks, so the bandit has to overcome two locks to run away with the bike.

Do not Tempt Thieves

You can protect your bike against theft by covering it if you don’t have a garage. You can also cover it if it is in the garage as well. Making the bike inconspicuous discourages a thief from letting them know whatever you have. Using a plain cover to hide the bike protects it by not promoting its brand and not advertising how expensive it is.

Anchor Them on Sturdy Structures

Even if you place the bike on a noticeable spot, never get confident that a thief will not try stealing it. Anchor it on a stable structure like a strong pole. In case there are no sturdy structures around, you can lock your bike with another bike especially if your acquaintance also rides a motorcycle.

Safe Parking

motorcycle in front of house


If you need to bring the bike outside, ensure you park it in safe places and it should also be within your sight. It is wise to park the motorcycle beside a truck or van which would hide it. Pick a parking spot right outside the door of the establishment if possible. Protect it by choosing a conspicuous and well-lit area to park.

Never Forget the Keys

Even when you know you will not leave the bike for a second, never leave the keys on the motorcycle. It is easy for a thief to steal the bike in an instant. Recording the key number also helps to protect your bike from theft. Keys are usually stamped on the locks so file them until they are almost invisible.

Protecting your bike from theft requires that you rely on common sense and not depend on alarms or anti-theft equipment. Such tools can assist in defending the bike from burglary. Using these simple techniques to protect the bike can give you a good chance of keeping the bike safe.…