Important Car Care Tips to Know

It does not matter whether you are using a public transport system or your car, in any case, transportation is quite important for day-to-day lives. It is a great dream for any particular person who does not own a vehicle. A lot of people have ambitions to own cars. Once you own a car, it is necessary to know how you can maintain it. In this way, it can be in a good condition that can make day to day use quite easy.

In this post, you will learn vital car care tips which can be carried out by any person but just take a bit of time and can improve the service of the car.

Engine oil

engine oilThe engine is considered to be the heart of a car. Therefore, a car without a properly maintained engine is considered worthless. The manual of the car offers adequate information on how you can change engine oil. You can check the oil level by examining the dipstick. This will give you an idea as to how much oil to add.

Spark plug

This component may not be visible easily. It is hidden but plays a great role in the car’s ignition. Thus, if you find it difficult to start the car, then there is a likelihood that the spark plug has issues and requires replacement. This is an important car maintenance tip to know.

Car battery

It is advisable to hire a mechanic to check the condition of the battery. You can also check it using a multi-meter. Always, ensure the battery is checked at least twice a year.

Tire pressure
When you refill the tires with air, you should read and understand the recommendations of the manufacturer and adhere to them accordingly. These recommendations can also be found on stickers attached to the interior of the car.

Air filter

An air filter is quite important as far as overall car performance and efficient airflow are concerned. If you feel the performance is not good, then it is because the air filter is quite dirty and ought to be air filter


If you come across symptoms like squeaky noise coming from the brakes, you need to check them before going on with the journey. Remember that brakes are very important for your safety.